Bloggers are not untouchable, but they can be smart

We don’t exactly know what is going to come out the European Parliament concerning blogging and the rights of individuals seeking to put their personal thoughts on the internet for communication with other likeminded (or not) individuals.

One thing is for sure; with the impact of a few large-fanbase blogs, politicians are starting to worry.

We have even heard of Euro-politicians accused of being under investigation by OLAF, the European Anti-Fraud Office, in blogs without a shred of evidence. Things like this lead to law suits….

We have seen bloggers leaking information from the companies they work for. And of course that leads to dismissal.

Many bloggers have to realise that we/they are not above the law. Bloggers have the right to remain anonymous in so long as they don’t break the law. Yes the internet is quite unregulated, but blogs are now being treated like any other medium; as public forae.

So, like in any other public forum, you cannot make allegations without at least having some evidence. If you do make allegations of scandal and corruption, at least be smart about it. As the law is observed its not a problem… Just like you cant go out on the street screaming very very bad words at someone, you shouldn’t be able to do so on the internet. Bloggers can be a little careful. Not that they shouldn’t make allegations they believe are true- but they should probably use journalistic phrases like “it is believed that”, or “some citizens think that”, or, “though there is no tangible evidence, it is a possibility that…”

And the thing is, if it is done within the scope of the law- it hurts them even more!

Be wise, and Blog on…

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