The Obamagasm shadow

Reading some comments and blog posts, I came across the wonderful word. “Obamagasm

The magic of hope, joy, explosive power, change, challenge, and mystery; all in one word. And although I am not a skeptic, I can’t help but be concerned about what the truth is. Has Obama been groomed to appear to be the best thing that ever happened to this world? Or is he simply a charismatic being who really could be the best thing that ever happened.

Approachable enough, with his blackberry in his hand, a huge smile on his face, and his wife by his side, Obama represents not the ‘American dream’ but the dream of every single person on earth. Happiness, family, wealth, and power. And all that in the context of an evangelist for “Change” – change towards the better.

The Obamagasm felt across the earth, has left us hoping. Hoping for a better tomorrow. But most of all, after a dark era in the international and national scene (of every single country in the world), a financial crisis which is just setting in, and mass business meltdowns; most of all, the Obamagasm has left us praying that he is not a fake.

Child of Europe


More money into markets = stocks going to hell

Countries are putting up billions like they have bottomless pockets. The stocks are still however, falling.. lower and lower… and lower… (see below from Yahoo finance).

Maybe, just maybe, the approach might be wrong?!?!?!?!


FTSE 100 4,087.88 -225.92 -5.24%
Chart for FTSE 100
DAX 4,541.20 -345.80 -7.08%
Chart for DAX
CAC 40 3,202.05 -240.65 -6.99%
Chart for CAC 40

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