Barroso Bus Campaign – Why not…

Following up from Jon Worth’s Post about the Atheist campaign on UK Busses, I thought this little bit of satyr would be funny…


Barroso is no Delors… Europe needs someone better

A conversation with Jon Worth after his post “Brown, Barroso and the Baroness” has prompted me to write this post… The aim of the blogosphere is to be able to share thoughts and ideas; my thought today is that Barroso should not be President of the Commission for a second term.

Indeed, Jose Barroso is no Jacques Delors

Barroso hopes to become the second President of the Commission to serve a second term. For myself, unwanted and unlikely.

Two outgoing Presidents. One far more important than the other... and one making it to a second term... (hopefully itll remain that way)

For the people who haven’t been knee deep in the European arena- it suffices to google: Barroso + scandal
You’ll see plenty of results – including the following:

FT, EUX, EUObserver, EUReferendum, Daily Mail, New Europe 1, New Europe2, PSE

And let’s not forget… The several failed referenda to get the European Constitution, and later the Reform Treaty (cleverly renamed the Treaty of Lisbon – absolutely nothing to do with where the honorable president comes from!).

The failure to pass the Lisbon Treaty is a historic failure- and not one to be celebrated by the re-appointment of the man who led the failing campaign. The President might have a glimmer of hope that Ireland will somehow magically get another referendum voted before his term is up- but this seems highly improbable, if not impossible. Even if this were to happen, Barroso’s term would still be a failure! Europe has lost too much time to cite bad leadership as a reason.

Sadly, Barroso has failed as President of the Commission. And Sadly, there are indications that some leaders may back him for a second term. A ray of hope however came through my laptop screen this morning, as I read this article in EUObserver which has Sarkozy and Barroso going head to head.

Losing the French backing is going to be a huge problem for Barroso. And if I may add, a huge present from Sarkozy, to the Europeans looking for a brighter future.

Barroso should have more important things to do…

On friday – the European Commission top boss, issued a press release showing just how much work those people at the European Commission have:

A longer nose would make him like Pinnochio... a couple of screws would make him Frankenstein... Some nuts might make him a real politician!

A longer nose would make him like Pinnochio... a couple of screws would make him Frankenstein... Some nuts might make him a real politician!

Message of support from President Barroso to the European Ryder Cup Captain

On behalf of the European Commission, President Barroso has sent a message of support to Nick Faldo, Captain of the European Ryder Cup Golf team in advance of the tournament against the United States this weekend.  President Barroso said, “On behalf of the European Commission and myself, I want to offer to your team our full support and best wishes in advance of the tournament starting today. I am sure this will be a great sporting occasion bringing together two great teams. The whole of Europe will be behind you this weekend”.



Clearly- the financial crisis, the failure of the Lisbon treaty, the upcoming European elections, and the cloud of scandals surrounding the Berlaymont all give way when it comes to golf. The Ryder Cup is something that at best 2% of Europeans have ever heard of… Why in god’s name is someone taking the time to write a press release of support? If the gentleman is Jose’s best bud, then send him an email, or better yet an SMS. I don’t remember any similar messages to the olympic teams, the winners of the UEFA Champion’s league, etc etc etc.


Clearly, either the Commission is quite overstaffed, or they have their priorities a little muddled.


(and yes we understand Mr.B is supporting EUROPE by supporting the Euroteam for the Ryder Cup, but please- a little bit of perspective: 1) No respected medium will report on it, and 2)Maybe a more popular event might serve the goals better…)


I hope to see fewer press releases wishing good luck, congratulations, condolances, and any other wishes come out of the Commission, and more releases which serve to explain how succesfully European tax money has been allocated.

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