Virtual Strip Search – Giving security a whole new dimension… Hello Genitalia!!!

Someone thought this would be a joke... Apparently it's closer to reality than ever!

Press Release – A proposal to introduce body scanners at European airports – which show a person’s naked image and genitalia – raises serious concerns about human rights, privacy and personal dignity, Philip Bradbourn MEP, Conservative justice and home affairs spokesman, will say tonight…

 In an interview Tajani announced that there would be upcoming changes without going into specifics. But in fact there was absolutely no mention of genitalia scanning whatsoever!

“We are also working on new security control methods for airports that takes into consideration technological developments. This I hope will change, not in the future, but in the near future. At the moment you cannot freely carry water, perfume, or other liquids. These new security control methods will be better for our citizens, and safer for passengers.”

The matter leaves Europeans wondering just how many things could go wrong with this system… When in so many European capitals there are images and videos leaked from all kinds of things – who is going to guarantee that this power isn’t abused?
I remember seeing video on youtube (see below) which was apparently from a police station holding room- where policemen were harassing some kids, making them slap eachother and things like that.

How bout a vote… 🙂 (I like this new little Polldaddy)


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  1. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected when I stumpled upon a link on Digg telling that the info here is quite decent. Thanks.

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