Mandelson back in “action”

Sooner or later... therell be no more yachts for Mandy to cruise on...

Sooner or later... there'll be no more yachts for Mandy to cruise on...

Peter Mandelson gave trade concessions worth up to £50m a year to Russia’s richest man who has entertained him on his superyacht.  Following my post Bye Bye Mandelson… Back to Business… I found this on a fellow bloggers site. Apparently, Mandelson is back in action:

Only days back in UK politics and Mandy is the centre of controversy. This time according to The Times it is over potential conflict of interest in respect of a rich Russian acquaintance. Apparently trade concessions worth some 50 million pounds a year could be involved.

Mr. Mandelson knows very well how to handle issues of trade… Brussels taught him well. Interesting to note that this is the same paper that did the Sting operation on Fritz-Harald Wenig not too long ago. Go figure…

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One Response

  1. This is Mandelso’s opportunity to redeem himself with the British Public. I don’t doubt that he did an effective job in Brussels, but he needs to get on with this current cabinet position and keep his nose clean.

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