Obama vs McCain – Dirty politics… or Just kids having fun

I came across this video on a republic blog. The video portrays youths training and showcasing their I-heart-Obama routine. Lots of blogs have put this up as democrat propaganda, saying Obama is training the youth with a nazi-youth methodology.

Being a European – who doesn’t have much preference, and who politically might even prefer the Republicans, I want to say that this is absolute nonsense. This video is either 10 guys having a laugh, mocking the Obama-is-gonna-change-the-world campaign, or a severe case of Republican dirt war.

Just stating the obvious- does Obama need to train tha black youths of America to vote for him?????
If that was 10 white kids, then we’d have a problem (but we probably wouldn’t believe it was a real video).

People are so polarised that they immediately latch on to any piece of information that could strengthen their side, without screening it to see if it’s possibly real or not. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this increasingly with riddiculous statements about Obama. We’re also expiriencing it a little with Sarah Palin- but I must confess that I have more concern about the remarks that are real than those that are fake on that front…

Enjoy the video

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One Response

  1. Interesting. Thing is — we’re all reverting to highschool — when gossip (viral videoes nowadays) pass off as credible sources of information … for the impending popularity contest.

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