Bye Bye Mandelson… Back to Business…

“Business leaders have welcomed Peter Mandelson’s return to the political fold, characterising the incoming business secretary as just the sort of “big hitter” needed during the current economic instability.” Says the Guardian…


Oxfam didn’t mind slamming Mandelson:

Luis Morago, Head of Oxfam’s Brussels office, said: “Commissioner Mandelson, unfortunately, failed to ensure that the EU put development ahead of self-interest in its trading relations with its former colonies. The negotiation of the Economic Partnership Agreements -many of which have still not been signed- has been marked by controversy and discord. ACP countries have consistently objected to both the manner in which the EU has negotiated and to the content of what has been proposed by the European Commission. The EC has sought many concessions from ACP countries likely to undermine their prospects for economic development.”
Luis Morago: “Under Commissioner Mandelson, the European Commission did not pass the “development test” in the WTO’s Doha round of world trade talks. While there have been some improvements in the EU position recently, the demands on developing countries are still disproportionate and their potential impact uncertain until further details emerge.”


Little whispers in Brussels always echoed about Mandelson’s ability to take care of business… a little bit too well!

A small flight home for Mandelson- a big step for Europe…

Let’s home something better awaits us here in Brussels.

Que Sera Sera

(by the way it’s a bit strange the timing… don’t you think… with Mandelson’s name coming up in the Eurochatter circles quite often in the last month…)

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2 Responses

  1. From a gay Commissioner to a pro-gay Commissioner… How much will really change?

  2. […] a year to Russia’s richest man who has entertained him on his superyacht.  Following my post Bye Bye Mandelson… Back to Business… I found this on a fellow bloggers site. Apparently, Mandelson is back in action: Only days back […]

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